Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 58 -- Looking Back

I strolled around Liverpool today, beset with melancholia, longing for the countryside. The waterfront of Liverpool is quite pleasant, but it’s not really any different from all the other big-city rejuvenated tourist waterfronts I’ve ever seen. There were crowds of people, music, sidewalk cafes, fast food vendors, souvenir shops, arcades, etc.. – the same as in San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, London, etc. Everything was alive, but there was no life.

Where are the sheep that run away when you get too close?

Where are the cattle that run towards you hoping to be led to a greener pasture?

Or the horses that stretch their necks over a wall to greet you, hoping you will pat their heads.

I did see three horses today, but they weren’t friendly.

Even the people were too busy to talk.

I already miss the countryside roads winding among the hills, leading you to new adventures and new friends.

And I miss the fields of wildflowers that gladden your heart.

I miss the countryside.

I’ve had a great summer, and hope you did too. Good-bye for now.