Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 48 -- Bradda Head north of Port Erin, 4 miles

I returned to Port Erin today, this time to walk the headland north of the town, called Bradda Head. Bradda Head is only about half the size of the headlands I walked yesterday, so I expected a shorter day. The day became even shorter when strong winds and a narrow footpath literally inches from a precipitous edge convinced me that today was not the day to tackle this route. Instead, I moved inland to a much less dangerous footpath, trading ocean views for comfort and safety.

Premature warning
My poles meet the Irish Sea
Safe footpath
Cairn atop Bradda Head (Calf of Man in distance)
The inland footpath was much shorter, and brought me back into Port Erin right at lunch time and, as luck would have it, right past a seafood restaurant with an inviting, wind-protected deck overlooking Port Erin Bay. I took that as a good omen, had a pleasant lunch and returned to Douglas on the Steam Train.

Marina at Douglas