Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 55 -- Port Soderick to Douglas, 7 miles

A sunny, windless day was all the incentive I needed to get back on the footpath. I so much enjoyed the scenery from yesterday’s hike above Douglas Head on Marine drive, that I decided to take the train to Port Soderick and walk back to Douglas on Marine Drive. Indeed, the weather was so nice that I walked to the mile and a half along Douglas’s promenade to the railway station, despite having a bus pass. I’m including all the distance walking through Douglas in today’s mileage.
As always, I met a nice couple on the train – this time from Carlisle, where I started the Cumbria Way so many weeks ago. I was the only passenger to disembark at the Port Soderick station, and, as always, I had difficulty navigating myself off the platform. Once on the road, however, the route was never in doubt. Along the way, I met several Manx residents who were also enjoying the day by walking.

Unfortunately, I arrived in Douglas all too soon; I seriously considered walking back to Port Soderick and catching the next train back to Douglas, but reason prevailed. I’ll be leaving the Isle of Man tomorrow, and I really needed to get back to my hotel and wash my laundry so it will be dry for packing. Tomorrow I take the ferry to Liverpool. I hope the sea remains calm.

View towards Port Soderick Glen

Sea coast northeast of Port Soderick

Wildflowers growing on stone wall

Lighthouse at Douglas Harbour

Logo on Isle of Man Steam Train